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After Forever

Not Our Comics, But We Like 'Em Anyway!


Do you like kangaroos? Do you like kangaroos that fight giant monsters and protect their realm from evil, when not delivering packages? Well this is for you! A very funny comic loaded with dragons, mad scientists and the never-ending search for a good corned beef sandwich.

Want to know what Echo, Kaige and Kiley are doing in an alternate dimension? Check out "Wild Roses," a spin-off of Will's comic "Slackerz" which features our winged friends in a strange sci-fi universe filled with demons, dragons, robots and all sorts of horny heroes. Fair warning, there's frequently adult situations, language and nudity.

A very cute webcomic loaded with transformations and lunacy. A mad scientist likes transforming others and herself just for the lulz, bringing mirth and awkwardness into her friends' lives. Not since "Calvin & Hobbes" has science been used so carelessly for our short-term amusement.
How to Raise Your Teenage Dragon
Snapdragon Fahrenheit is your typical teenage girl, well, apart from the fact that she's a green four-armed dragon. Living with her father Zeke, a horndog movie critic, Snap runs afoul the typical teenage problems, including living next door to a supervillain, going to school with fellow mythical creatures and developing a crush on her unicorn neighbor. A cute drawing filled with all sorts of adult language and sci-fi references, it's sure to please the weirdness magnets that populate our fair internet.

Just when you thought Ohio wasn't strange enough, now a six-armed hero is on the case. A goofy, tongue-in-cheek send up of comic book conventions that still manages to be endearing and even a bit heart-rending. It's anime-ish, so prepare for kawaii. Plus some organ autonomy, Bottom Lefty can be mischievous.

Other Websites You Should Be Wasting Your Time On!

Anthro: A furry literary e-zine edited by our very own Cubist! Filled with stories, editorials, reviews and all sorts of other good stuff!

TVTropes: The black hole of the internet. Come for the trivia and laughs. Stay because it won't let you leave. And if you happen to be on our comic's page and are feeling like updating it...

Cracked: Do you like lists filled with pop culture references and funny captions under photos? No? Then what the hell are you doing on the internet? This fun website provides plenty of humor for you. Used to like it when it was a print magazine, too.

KarKat Music
Electronic music inspired by video games, 90s techno, trance and chiptunes!.